Fight the dragons!

What if I told you
You could change the world
With just one thought
What if I told you
You could be a king
Anything you desired, boy
Anything on a plate
All within your power to create...

A while back, I acted in a local production of "Big Fish," a tall tale with a great message: Why should anyone not be the star of their stories? By doing so, the protagonist, Edward Bloom, inspires others to do great things. More specifically, he desires to instill in his son a sense of adventure, never settling for what is simply laid before him. And more simply, Edward fears being forgotten. Sure, Edward Bloom embellishes things a bit - but isn't that how it always happens? 

Experiences become stories. 

Stories become myths. 

The hero always gets the girl. The stranger becomes a giant. The ringmaster becomes a werewolf. The fish grow bigger and bigger. And that's what this site is - a bit of perspiration, a bit of exaggeration, and hopefully for my kids, a bit of inspiration.

Be attentive
Be inventive
Be the first one to rejoice
With the story in your heart
You won’t need
Any other choice
You’re a hero,
Fighting dragons, winning wars
Be the hero
And the world will soon be yours!